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With Bing and ChatGPT and soon Bard, SEO will soon be SAI

It’s a new day in search. SAI, not SEO

SAI (Search Artificial Intelligence) will be the future.

And it’s already live in a first version at Bing right now. Google’s response with Bard is also coming soon.

This will for sure change the SEO and organic content landscape, not to mention how we discover and find content, thanks to a focus on Conversational AI. This will affect all “Digital Marketing” products and services moving forward. And the technology is already here, it’s not something that is “coming soon”. I love this. Finally something really impactful and revolutionary.

It’s a new day in search. – Sataya Nadella

Will Nimble adapt to this and find whole new ways of approaching search? Of course.

The race starts today, and we’re going to move and move fast,” Nadella said. “Most importantly, we want to have a lot of fun innovating again in search, because it’s high time. – Sataya Nadella

We don’t necessarily view this as a race when it come to Nimble, but at the same time we want to ensure we are at the absolute forefront in how we approach Search moving forward. And so we will. And we don’t mean that we will use ChatGPT as a tool only, the more interesting question is when these SAI engines and tools (AI conversational, discovery and dialogue) becomes the norm, how do we optimize content that the AI’s will show the users?

SAI, not SEO.

And of course articles like these will most likely cease to exist in a lot of ways, because the Search Artificial Intelligence will understand that they are made solely to rank for SEO purposes. That’s why we don’t include a lot of information on this topic that you already can search yourself to from Microsoft and Google. Isn’t that in itself just….. splendid? We think so.

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