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The NimbleCraft Digital Maturity Framework with Engage, Data and Advisory is key to maximizing marketing strategy effectiveness across your business operations.

At Nimble, we are dedicated to elevating your brand to new heights and delivering sophistication and style that stands apart.


Elevating Hospitality: A Partnership Beyond Expectations

In the dynamic world of hospitality, our collaboration with Bank Hotel, Berns Hotel, Skepparholmen, and Boo Boo Living has set new benchmarks for success.

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Bio & Bistro Capitol

Pushing something truly unique

Transforming Growth with Data-Driven Strategies for Bio & Bistro Capitol

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Mini Rodini

Sustainable Growth through Data-Driven Excellence

How Nimble supported Mini Rodini’s digital presence and growth through performance marketing, organic search and data.

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Soundtrap for EDU

If Growth Could Sing

How Nimble enhanced Soundtrap’s digital presence and growth through performance marketing on Google and Meta platforms.

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American Express

Enhancing Digital Experience

In the digital era, offering an optimal user experience is paramount to business success. Recognizing this, American Express sought a data-driven approach to elevate their online user journey.

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Driving Global Success With Paid Search

Roxtec, a leading B2B company specializing in cable and pipe sealing solutions, aimed to enhance their online visibility, reach their target audience effectively, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

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Utilizing The Full Potential of Your CRM

Combining Sales and Marketing Efforts in a Holistic Marketing Approach. The power of a CRM system like HubSpot lies equally between successful implementation and the people who use it. This case study explores some common challenges with CRM implementation through the lens of EFUEL, one of Sweden’s leading EV-charge suppliers.

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Steaming Growth During a Cold Spring

Häckspecialisten is an e-commerce company that specializes in providing high-quality hedge plants to customers through their online platform. During February 2023, Häckspecialisten entered a partnership together with Nimble in order to modernize their digital marketing strategies and boost revenue for the upcoming plant season.

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Eriks fönsterputs

How to Achieve 85% YoY Growth

Eriks fönsterputs is Sweden’s largest supplier of exterior window cleaning services in subscription form, primarily targeting the B2C market.

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Data Fueling Growth for Stureplansgruppen

Sweden’s largest entertainment group.

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Growth, Data and Excellence in Sweden, Norway and Finland

Podme’s vision is to enrich people’s everyday lives by taking podcast entertainment to its full potential.

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Growth, Data and Excellence in 20 Markets

The Lexington Company is a luxury home & fashion brand with over 20 years in the industry

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Shifting Focus From Growth to Profitability

The foundation of EFUEL is built upon the belief that the energy industry is going through a major shift.

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How We Became Bineros Digital Advisors to Increase B2B Leads

Binero is a growing cloud based company listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market

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