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All of our plans include:

NimbleCraft - Commitment

  • Project Management
  • Regular meetings digitally, in-person, Slack
  • Nimble Reporting Framework
  • Dedicated Nimble Team

NimbleCraft - Holistic

  • Roadmap and Media Plan
  • KPI Forecast and Alignment
  • Strategy and Budget Modeling
  • Boutique Brilliance
  • Engage, Data and Advisory

Our Ambition


Speed is one of the cornerstones of ensuring a successful onboarding, and with this we mean the speed of understanding your company and business as a main focus.


Our second cornerstone is the quality of onboarding and what quality means for you in terms of results. For this we have clear and concise processes to make sure we as your new partner get up to speed on what we shall deliver on together.


With our third cornerstone we now have a holistic understanding of your company, business and what qualitative KPI’s we are going to work towards together. We are also up to speed in a quick fashion.

Our hybrid team model ensures efficient communication between experts, data analysts, and strategists, fostering a natural exchange of ideas. Data-driven insights guide our strategic decisions, with T-shaped professionals collaborating effectively to make swift, informed choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, we require a minimum monthly engagement of ~ €4000. Find out your level in our calculator. Our automatic currency converter will conveniently display the monthly price in your local currency.

This requirement stems from our unwavering dedication to providing outstanding results through NimbleCraft, which encompasses Engage, Data, and Advisory.

To achieve this, we need to allocate sufficient time and resources to each partnership. While Nimble may not be the perfect fit for every business, our commitment to delivering exceptional results makes us an ideal partner for those seeking to elevate their growth and performance to new heights.

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Plans & Pricing