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Why Nimble? Choosing a boutique agency over other type of agencies

I recognized that there was no agency or digital partner out there that offered the approach that we’ve now built

Hi there, John Milburn here – I founded Nimble in March 2020. I recognized that there was no agency or digital partner out there that offered the approach that my team and I have now built together with our clients. In partnerships I am so fortunate to work with every single day.

Nimble is all about being boutique and we elevate it in a whole new way. We have the highest possible standards and we innovate and strive towards the highest results together with our wonderful clients.

We eliminate everything in between, also called overhead. This enables us to be extremely personalized and customized with availability and accessibility to everyone at Nimble for our clients, be it myself or anyone else. The benefits of this are obvious, building and nurturing strong relationships and understanding each other much better than if there’s more standardised ways of working and less personalised and customisable setups.

Yes, we are a boutique agency. Does that mean we can’t be more than 20 or 30 people? Probably. And that for us and our clients, is amazing!

The facts are in, you do not need an extreme amount of people to deliver the very best results, what you need are the right people and strong relationships and the best quality, without compromising on anything. We work globally and are working across 30+ countries.

With us you will receive raw digital innovation and pure digital power and you also get the utmost quality and personal attention.

Also, there’s a lot going on in terms of innovation together with each partnership we have. We ensure that there’s time over for this, wouldn’t be possible with a constant focus on having a lot of clients. We call this “targeted focus and innovation”.

Another aspect is that we do not approach things like many other agencies out there, which is quantity. We have a lot fewer clients than most, instead we grow together with our clients to ensure mutual beneficial partnerships. Another word for this is that we’re picky, we know our way of partnering up is the best possible out there.

We build Nimble and all our relationships for the extreme long-term combined with raw digital innovation, pure digital power and commitment.

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