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1. We are only as successful as the amount of information we have on internal and external happenings. This includes information, KPIs, and a full look at marketing, sales and product.

We all need the full view – how does the product compete, how do we sell, when we win or lose, what the company vision and product roadmap are for the upcoming months, how marketing are measured to the rest of the organisation. Without answers to these fundamental questions, we can’t represent the company accurately.

2. Not everything in marketing can and should be measured.

Yes, we can measure competitive share of voice. Yes, we should measure both quantity and quality of social coverage. But the measurement of brand elevation, recognition and awareness cannot always be tracked, especially during an age of dark social.

3. Last but not least, what do we all want to achieve?

Be aligned with the set KPI’s and stick to having fewer KPI’s rather than multiple. But don’t be afraid to be agile and adjust the KPI’s if needed. Regularly, I see a pattern of companies staring blindly at KPI’s without having in mind how the digital landscape looks like. Look and change your KPI’s and align those with how the ever-changing digital landscape is moving.

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