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Tips and tricks when evaluating your marketing results

As a marketing agency it is part of our job to measure and report marketing success from multiple different platforms.

As a marketing agency it is part of our job to measure and report marketing success from multiple different platforms. Sounds pretty straight forward right? However did you know that different marketing platforms count conversions differently? If you only evaluate your marketing performance through your analytics platform, like Google Analytics, you might miss out on a wider understanding about how the marketing is impacting your business.

We have narrowed down our top tips on how to count and evaluate marketing platforms and results.

  1. Remember that some attribution models, like view-trough attributions, can not be counted in your analytics platform. That is why you can not see all of your conversions in your analytics platform and why you would miss out on how the marketing platform actually affects your business.
  2. Make sure your technical implementation is in place to get the most insights in the attribution analysis and how your marketing really performs on your conversions. Some marketing platforms, like Facebook, need additional implementations to be able to attribute all the marketing conversions. So if this is not in place, you might miss out on conversions that otherwise would be attributed to your marketing platform.
  3. When comparing results in different marketing platforms make sure to understand the different attribution windows and how they count conversions. If they are very different from each other make sure to have a plan if you are comparing them to each other.
  4. Compare the results in your analytics platforms and marketing platform. By comparing the data with different attribution models, it can give you great insights on how your marketing platform takes part in the customer journey. A marketing platform that can access view-trough attributed conversions can for example be a compliment for the understanding of the user journey when it is compared to Google Analytics attribution models.

Do you want to get more into details on how you could improve your marketing performance and evaluation? Get in touch with us!

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