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Nimble + Privacy-first web = True

At Nimble we’ve always been a firm believer that privacy is key

At Nimble we’ve always been a firm believer that privacy is key and we take many steps to ensure that we handle customers data responsibly and with the utmost care, not to mention our rigorous approach to security.

We support the move towards first-party data and no more third-party cookies. We also support an increased transparency when it comes to digital marketing and tracking. As it always should be.

There’s been numerous debates and articles lately from Facebook and other companies about Apple’s new anti tracking features; App Tracking Transparency. Something that hasn’t completely gone under the radar is also the initiative from Google; Privacy Sandbox. Placed somewhere in the middle of other solutions.

Surely, everyone working with digital marketing will be affected in one way or another, but it’s all about adapting and ensuring that privacy and respect of customers data will be a priority. Always.

We’ve implemented new attribution modelling, completely new strategy frameworks and ways of working for what’s already here and what’s to come (we can’t look into the future, though- yet).

Obviously we’ll always care for our clients that we help with increased growth digitally, however, we also balance this with the ever-increasing privacy-conscious customers.

Thus, our approach to audiences, targeting and digital marketing will always be a healthy balance, instead of relying on cookies and old technology we’ve since our inception had a first-party data approach with server-side implementations and other methodologies, staying ahead of the curve both in terms of privacy care and client satisfaction.

If we summarize, there’s trade-offs to most things in life, such is the case with privacy and competition when it comes to digital marketing as well.

The friction between restricting highly targeted and personalized digital marketing in order to achieve better privacy and at the same time having content of high quality free for customers.. That’s a tough cookie to crack, would you like to have some wine with that cheese too?

For lawmakers and regulators these are important factors to look at, since many consumers benefit from more personalized marketing rather than generic one. And businesses need ways to make money in order to stay alive.

Indeed, Facebook and Google are private companies and they run massive ad businesses, so there will have to be careful monitoring and regulation when necessary, with above considerations to take into account.

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