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Nimble goes to VFM

Världens farligaste möte

The event we Nimblers attended for the first time together as Nimble Digital, was Världens Farligaste Möte. VFM took place in Gothenburg, Sweden in Liseberg and even though it rained, it still was a bright day filled with energy, loads of new connections and knowledge from all of the amazing speakers.

We also had two Nimblers on stage, Denise & Emma, that spoke on some core principles to think about when successfully navigating in the digital hurricane. You’re probably thinking; “The digital hurricane?” Well, we spoke about how the various changes have affected the digital landscape. And more specifically has had a direct effect on digital strategy that is all based on the tracking challenges that we all have been facing the past few years. Denise & Emma went through our Six Success Factors together with the principles on the Swedish Outdoor Association’s guide “Good things to know before you get lost”. A quick overview on what we went over was the following;

  • Stop
    Sit down and think about the following; Where are we as a company? Where do we want to go? Why do we want to go there? Prioritize based on different scenarios and choose the most efficient option.
  • Think
    Take a deep breath. Do we have a clear common goal? Be sure to establish the vision, internally as well as externally.
  • Orient yourself
    What resources do you have? Who is needed in your team? Let the one with the most specialist skill take the decisions.
  • Choose a path
    Make a decision and learn along the way. Better that you start somewhere than not at all.
  • Track
    Where have we been? Have a clear follow-up of some well-chosen KPIs and target goals that are reality-based and deeply rooted in your business model.
  • The backpack
    What platforms and experience do we have? Do we need all these tools? Think long-term – quick fixes often lead to complexity and consume a huge amount of time and money.

These six success factors may seem basic and simple, but we encounter many companies that don’t use these steps when thinking about their digital strategy. Sometimes, it is the most simple things that may determine if the company has a scalable growth or if they’re just standing still. And if you saw our keynote at Liseberg, you know that the last thing we recommend is standing still and waiting for someone to rescue you when feeling lost.

Want to know more about these steps and how we work in an ever-changing landscape? Contact us and let’s talk about some digital strategy!

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