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New version, SKAdNetwork 4.0

If you are you familiar with Apple, you probably know that Apple is a huge fan of privacy policies.

But first, SKAdNetwork who?

If you are you familiar with Apple, you probably know that Apple is a huge fan of privacy policies. You might even have heard of the specific update iOS14.5 that begun to ask for tracking permissions inside all apps for your iOS device. Well in short, this made it a challenge for all marketing platforms and marketers to report conversions due to the limited access of data. But thankfully Apples own API, SKAdNetwork made it possible for marketing platforms to collect data on Apples privacy terms.

And now a new version – What about it?
The new version of SKAdNetwork have a number of nice updates that makes more data available while preserving Apple’s privacy policy. A big yay for us working with digital marketing! We have listed the main 3 updates in the new version.

1. Additional campaign specific data
The Campaign identifier field increases from a 2 digits field to a 4 digit field. This makes it possible for us to set a Hierarchical structure on the fields and access more information about the campaigns. We can for example add data about the campaign, location, placement, time and ad display specifics. Earlier we only received information about the campaign id. However, the availability of the information is shared to the same extent as the amount of your data. The larger amount -> more information.

2. Multiple conversion value
There is not one but two Conversion values. Instead of Apple not sharing the conversion value when the volume of the data collection is too small they have divided the conversion value into one fine grade value and a coarse-grained value. Making us still access data and information about the conversion value when the data volume is low!

3. Re-engagement tracking enabled
Multiple postbacks are added. This update let us track multiple conversions happening further into the app due to a wider time window and the addition of three postbacks instead of only one. This enables us to track re-engagement event that previously was lost. Yey!

To sum up this new version, it is truly a great improvement by Apple and a must implementation when marketing on iOS devices. If you are interested in the new version and need help guiding your developers on how to implement this. Feel free to contact us for further help.

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