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New features & announcements from Google Marketing Live 2022

Important key takeaways from the conference

During the Google Marketing Live conference last week, Google made a number of major announcements in order to adapt to today’s quickly changing advertising market, particularly when it comes to consumer interactions across the web. We have therefore gathered some of the most important key takeaways from the conference:

Enhanced experience with YouTube Shorts
  • Advertisers will be able to add a product feed to YouTube Shorts, making ads more shoppable for users.
  • Video action and app marketing will automatically scale with YouTube Shorts to connect with consumers immersed in this short-form content.
Video Ads in the Google Discovery Network
  • To provide more interesting and engaging ad experiences for the consumer journey, Google has added short video assets to the Google Discovery feeds.
Automatically generated assets for Responsive Search Ads
  • Opt-in to have assets for RSA generated automatically from suitable sources based on relevance and expected performance. It will therefore be critical to ensure that the content on your landing pages is accurate for your ads.
Responsive Display Ads with mobile-first layouts
  • Brands will be featured on full-screen portraits in new mobile inventory.
  • For a more interesting shopping experience, use scrollable advertising and videos based on product feeds.
More automation and insights for Performance Max campaigns
  • Performance Max campaigns will see a number of enhancements for the rest of the year.

They are as follows:

  • A/B testing for more control
  • More campaign management features in the Google Ads mobile app.
  • New performance information such as attribution, audience, and auction insights.
  • Recommendations and Optimization score.
Google Tag
  • To make it easier for marketers to adopt and track consumers, Google Tagging will be streamlined and will replace the global site tag.
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