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Multi-Platform Feature in Microsoft Smart Campaign

The new fully automated campaign types keep on coming.

There is no doubt that 2022 is a year of automation for various ad platforms, as new campaign types are introduced that entirely automate the manual work of advertisers in terms of ad copy, bids, and keywords by leveraging machine learning and algorithms.

For instance, Google Ads stated in January that Performance Max will replace Standard- and Smart Shopping Campaigns in the interface. Also, in March, Meta announced their new campaign type Advantage+ Shopping that would further automate the optimization of ad copy, targeting, placements, and budgets.

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The new fully automated campaign types keep on coming. 

This September, Microsoft unveiled their new all-in-one feature Multi-platform that enables you to manage your search advertising and social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) in the enhanced Microsoft Smart Campaigns. Is this the new Performance Max Campaign on Microsoft Ads? It appears as such when we observe Microsoft’s plan to drive automation through the platform:

  • Run search ads and social ads across the different platforms through one single campaign
  • Leverage Microsoft AI, which automatically optimizes your ads and budget for the best performance across all platforms
  • Quickly increase ad and audience reach with the variation of ad formats
  • No keyword or bid management is needed
  • Simplified campaign management and reporting insights
  • Generate awareness on Facebook and Instagram

The push to automate everything is still going strong and as a marketing agency, we take advantage of machine learning by A/B testing new campaign types and adjusting our campaign plans in response to the changes that the marketing platforms offer.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how your company can use the new automated campaign types to increase performance, please reach out.

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