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In focus: What it is like working as a SEM lead according to Louise?

We’ve interviewed Louise to get a better understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a SEM Lead.

Meet Louise von Perner‍

Are you wondering how it is working at Nimble with Search Engine Marketing?

We’ve interviewed Louise to get a better understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a SEM Lead as well as her two years of experience as a Nimbler.

What does a normal day look like at Nimble?

What I appreciate about Nimble is that every day is unique. Due to the various clients and ad accounts that we manage, you constantly have a range of tasks to complete and strategies to set. However, if we try to line it up, a typical day in the Nimble office would be as follows:

  • Building, maintaining and monitoring reports, budgets, campaign performance, ROI, and other channel metrics
  • Managing and guiding a team of SEM specialists
  • Ongoing optimizations of all the client ad accounts
  • Setting strategies and campaign planning to deliver against KPIs
  • Advanced A/B testing of copy, creatives and extensions
  • Keyword research for creating comprehensive keyword strategies
  • Identifying new opportunities for growth and optimization for clients
  • Attending webinars and reading articles about new features and releases

What makes you proud of working at Nimble?

There are many reasons why I’m proud to be a Nimbler, but a few of them stand out above the rest.

  1. My incredibly talented co-workers, who make me value every day at the office.
  2. The way Nimble looks out for its employees through initiatives like having individual development plans and, of course, our memorable monthly team activities.

What can you expect when joining the Nimble team?

You can expect working with very talented individuals at Nimble who support and care for their co-workers while also challenging them to grow within the company.

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