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In Focus: What is it Like Working as Head of Growth According to Denise?

We’ve interviewed Denise to get a better understanding of her role in the Growth team.

Introducing Denise Ticoalu, the Head of Growth at Nimble.

Denise is a highly accomplished professional with a diploma in web communications. She began her career during the pandemic, working for Stockholms Stad, where she focused on keeping the citizens of Stockholm informed about Covid-friendly activities.In August of 2020, Denise’s path crossed with John and Sebastian, and their vision of becoming the next-generation agency immediately sparked her interest. Without any convincing necessary, Denise and the Nimble team found a mutual interest, leading to her appointment as the Head of Growth. Denise’s impressive experience and proficiency in communication, coupled with her passion for technology, make her a valuable asset to the Nimble team.

“I told myself after graduating that I would never go to an agency or a start-up. I did the complete opposite, started at both an agency and start-up, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

What does a normal day look like at Nimble?

Since I love having my email cleared out, I tend to open and answer those before I even get out of bed in the morning. Not for everyone, but by doing this, I have time when I’m at the office to actually complete the tasks that I’ve planned out for the day, rather than going through my inbox.

I recently started writing down my top priorities for the week in a notebook. I find it satisfying to cross out the completed tasks that I’ve done for the day – especially the ones that are the most important for me. Usually, at the office, I tend to have a cup of coffee, but note that it’s caffeine-free since I stopped drinking coffee with caffeine a year ago. Oddly enough, I feel more energized.

Since the Growth team is the largest team at Nimble, I always make sure to check the energy in the team. How is everyone feeling? Should we bounce off some ideas? Are there any challenges that we are facing, and how can we handle them as a team? My top priority is that the team feels safe enough to let me know if there are any worries or issues. Without my team, there’s no me 🙂

What makes you proud of working at Nimble?

Several things, so pointing out a particular part is hard. But if I have to choose, I would say that being the first employee, I’ve seen Nimble develop from being John, Sebastian, and myself in a tiny room at a co-working space to now having our own office and being 13 employees in less than three years. I’m proud of the culture that all of the people I’m lucky to be around every day are contributing to. Most importantly, we deliver significant and true value for each and every partner we have. I dare say that we truly want the best for our partners, and all of us at Nimble feel that the relationship between us internally and externally is everything to make the hardest challenges easy.

What can you expect when joining the growth team at Nimble?

You can expect that no day is like another, a fast learning curve, and a rich culture in terms of kindness, respect, and learning. Apart from getting great stuff done, we are great at taking afterworks, participating in monthly activities, and arranging team lunches. I truly believe that’s one of the reasons why we at Nimble enjoy working together, since we value having fun as a team. Also, I believe in coaching leadership rather than micro-managing my team. I believe in empowering the ones around me by coaching them and acknowledging their potential and strengths. I don’t look at clocking in and out or taking a longer break – I look at the quality of the work, and I have trust in my team that whatever task we have will be delivered with Nimble standards.

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