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In focus: What is it like working as a Marketing Automation Lead according to Emma?

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Meet Emma Perlelin

After finalizing her bachelor diploma in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics, Emma started off her career with portfolio and brand management in beauty retail. The eagerness to learn new skills and high level of curiosity led her to seek new opportunities within digital marketing and more specifically Marketing Automation and CRM.

What does a normal day look like at Nimble? 

I am an early bird and therefore most productive before lunch, so in most cases I start the day with opening up the office. This is followed by creating the task list of the day. Simplified, this is what my daily task list can look like.

  • Follow up on results from last week’s campaigns.
  • Analyze and report A/B or multivariate tests.
  • Configure events, attributes and properties in CRM.
  • Competitive analysis and set strategy of retention communication.
  • Implement internal automations to support the sales process for clients.
  • Platform evaluation or CRM/Marketing Automation.
  • Negotiate platform pricing to get our client the best deal.
  • Follow up on key performance indicators.
  • Weekly meetings with clients.
  • Read articles about upcoming releases and trends.
  • Interviews and search the network for new talents to join our team.
  • Configure and activate automations and campaigns.
  • Debug and correct any bumps on the road.
  • Internal meeting with my team to make sure we are on track and aligned with the roadmap. Together we sort out potential blockers.

What makes you proud of working at Nimble?

I’m most proud of the people I work with. They are all super talented, specialists within their area and most importantly caring and kind. Secondly, I’m proud of the value that we truly deliver to our clients and the strong relationships that we build with them. I find it unique within successful agencies to dare to stay boutique and true to company values. Not being tempted to take on all requests received and rather sift out partnerships where we see great potential in the business and in the people behind it.

What can you expect when joining the marketing automation team at Nimble?

No matter your previous experience, you will have a steep learning curve. In our team we constantly challenge the status quo and raise the bar of our goals (we celebrate when doing this of course). You should expect that the team will put great trust in you to deliver and be accountable for your results. You will work across industries, with clients having completely different objectives. This entails becoming a specialist within at least 5 new CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. Lastly, we do have a lot of fun when working in the forefront of refining customer data, brainstorming new strategies and experimenting our way forward.

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