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In focus: What is it like working as a Marketing Automation and SEO specialist according to Isabelle?

We’ve interviewed Isabelle to get a better understanding of her role in the Excellence team.

Meet Isabelle De Geer



With a double bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Lund University and Stockholm University, Isabelle spent her early career working part-time in two different interior design companies. Eager to expand her horizons, she traveled to Portugal to acquire new skills and experiences in data and web development. Looking back at her part-time jobs during studies, and the actual studies, she realized that she wanted to work with, and manage, customer relationships across the customer lifecycle. Today, Isabelle expertly navigates the worlds of Marketing Automation, CRM, and SEO at Nimble.

“The combination of SEO and CRM in my daily work allows for a holistic approach to manage customer relationships, providing insights into customer interactions and behaviors while also optimizing the online presence to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic.”

Can you describe your daily work routine and tasks at Nimble?

To set up each day for success – my objective is to have a clear to-do list. However, I acknowledge the importance of flexibility when juggling multiple projects and working in an ever-changing environment. One thing we have started recently with, in our team, is to share our “top three weekly priorities” – which I find helpful and aspiring.

Some of my daily tasks encompass tracking campaign and automation results, monitoring A/B or multivariate tests, and managing and analyzing customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. Ensuring the accuracy and proper configuration of data fields in CRM systems is also a key responsibility.

A highlight of my week is client meetings, where progress is reviewed, accomplishments are discussed, and future strategies are planned collaboratively.

Additionally, as AI and new technologies constantly reconfigure our business world – I am trying to keep up with the latest information, trends, and opportunities, especially within Marketing Automation and SEO.

What makes you proud of working at Nimble?

I feel honored to be working alongside intelligent and supportive colleagues, who consistently help and care for one another. I also appreciate Nimble’s commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients and fostering close relationships that often evolve into strong bonds.

What can you expect when joining the marketing automation team at Nimble?

At Nimble, expect a steep learning curve as you work with diverse clients across various industries – each pursuing unique objectives. My own experience demonstrates this growth, as I transformed from a novice in my field to a confident expert in multiple CRM platforms. In addition to rapid professional development, you’ll become part of a tight-knit team that genuinely cares for each other.

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