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Improve your ASA strategy with ASO

Apple Search Ads and App Store Optimization

When it comes to promoting iOS apps, Apple Search Ads is undoubtedly the number one platform to get app exposure and reach new prospective customers. When customers who are likely to convert are searching for terms relevant to the app, advertisers can utilize ASA to ensure that their app appears at the top of the results page. Unlike search ads on the Google or Bing search engines, there is only room for one paid ad on the App Store search results page. Therefore, while looking for improved ad rank for valuable keywords in the App Store, other aspects must be considered. A high campaign budget is insufficient to improve advertising’s position and relevance. Instead, you must develop an effective strategy and synchronize your Search Ads and App Store Optimization efforts to optimize the performance of both.

There are various approaches to maximize your advertising impact in App Store when you mix ASO and ASA in your marketing strategy:

Target high-value keywords that rank well organically 

In order to enhance the performance of search advertising, we can collect valuable information about what keywords the app ranks high on organically.

Track competitors’ keywords 

Monitor competitor app store listings and compare organic keyword performance to discover which app gets more organic downloads for specific search terms to find new keyword opportunities for your search ads.

Boost your ad rank with ASO 

Use the most important keywords in the title, subheading, description, and keyword fields to influence organic rankings, while also improving your search ad campaign’s ranking in the Play Store.

Increase organic visibility by using ad keywords that convert

Use ASA metrics and collected data to optimize organic campaigns. Add previously-converted keywords to the app’s metadata to boost organic app performance. Knowing how to combine ASO and ASA is critical for ensuring large ad purchase volumes and low ad expenses for your app.

To maximize the influence of App Store promotion, we at Nimble ensure that you include all of the major ASO criteria and data in your marketing strategy. Just as SEO and SEM work together, ASO and ASA should be each other’s best friends.

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