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How to ensure growth during the calm months

We’re all preparing mentally to wind down, writing vacation handovers and wrapping things up before the summer holidays.

We’re all preparing mentally to wind down, writing vacation handovers and wrapping things up before the summer holidays. Maybe go to a destination where the beach is nearby, or take a roadtrip to the countryside. This is the time where our mind takes a break from work, but it’s not that easy to fully let go when you’re not certain that your business still has growth and visibility during the summer, when everyone else is taking these calmer months to wind down. So how can we ensure digital growth for the businesses during the summer months? We have prepared some bullet points that may help you relax a bit during your time off;

1. Be active on your platforms – without thinking too much about it

The old saying that you should always have an organic presence all the time, is especially important during the months when people actually have the time to read through your feed. Schedule posts ahead of time and prepare as much content you can during the summer months. Try to have as varied content as possible, that is true to your brand but is interesting for the audience. And while you’re taking a dip in the ocean, your business is still active in the feeds because you’ve planned this ahead of time.

2.  What would you read on your time off?
Think to yourself, when I’m in the hammock, scrolling on my phone, what would possibly interest me? Maybe it’s the latest trends on social media, a weather update or is it how Google will implement new changes? Whatever it is, have whitepapers, articles and guides during the summer that will interest people during their vacations and is relevant in the field you’re operating in. Maybe it can be a combination of both, how the weather during the summer is never 100% accurate – same as how tracking conversions never are 100% as well.

3.  Ensuring growth doesn’t mean here and now
Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do, but ad-hoc tasks and taking out fires in projects always come in the way? Take the opportunity during the calmer months to do those things. Maybe it’s a whole new media strategy, cleaning out your filing system or database, clean your office space that has been stressing you out? Maybe you have some great ideas that you can develop now or create new marketing campaigns for Q3/Q4?  Whatever it might be, take the time to do those things that might not ensure growth here and now, but will help growth over time.

Ensuring growth during quieter business month’s does not mean waiting for the improvement in business to start. Plan and ensure that your business is active on platforms, have relevant content that people actually want to read, and take your time if you’re still at work during these calmer months, to do these things that may help you after your vacation and when you go back to work again during the peak season.

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