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How to break through the noise

During the holiday weekend you can expect that the volume of emails in your inbox will spike.

During the holiday weekend you can expect that the volume of emails in your inbox will spike. There is no question about it – it is difficult to stand out among all great deals while avoiding inbox fatigue. People will start ignoring, unsubscribing or even worse report the content as spam. Keep the following in mind to have a chance of breaking through the noise.


Make sure to only send campaigns to contacts who have signed up for your marketing communication and accepted your terms and conditions. It is both illegal and damages your sender reputation if not respecting consent. Setup DKIM authentication prior to the holidays. Segment out inactive contacts to increase deliverability. Use triggered emails to identify inactive contacts and reactivate them prior to Black Friday. Do not make any larger changes to your domain settings or sender profile the weeks before Black Friday. This can have a negative effect on your deliverability.


By using an omnichannel approach, contacts are at less risk of being over-saturated. We strongly recommend sending a mix of emails and text messages at different times a day to optimize performance. Schedule your campaigns at least a few hours before to avoid throttling. For sms we have seen a lower conversion rate but a higher average order value. Segment your most valuable customers and send them early access or greater discounts, this has shown to increase sales and customer loyalty.


Optimize for mobile first. This means that you have to test your campaigns on different devices and inbox providers. More people than one might think use dark mode, a survey published by Medium shows that 80 % of iOS users have adopted dark mode. Therefore, make sure to optimize and test your content for dark mode for several providers. Increase skimmability by adjusting font size and choosing color with contrast in mind. Use maximum 3 CTAs and 480 words to increase conversion. When sending reminders on your Black Friday offer, do not duplicate previous send outs, make something that is unique and will create value for the reader.

Subject lines

The subject line is the one element that affects the open rate the most. We recommend keeping it short and sweet, around 7 words. By creating urgency and fomo in combination with a clear call to action, we have found the sweet spot during Black Friday. The use of well chosen emojis help you stand out in a cluttered inbox. However, stay true to brand and tonality although intense sales periods. Read more about how to nail your subject lines.


Lastly, make sure to experiment with 10-20% of the audience and then send the winning combination to the rest. We recommend A/B testing on discount levels, subject lines, send times, hero images, CTAs, banners and more. There are no limits in what to test but testing with intention. Keep consistent with following up of results and learn from your data driven insights.

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