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Common questions about Braze

Braze offers a range of personalization features, such as dynamic content, A/B testing, and segmentation.

What types of messaging channels does Braze support? 

Braze supports a range of messaging channels, including email, push notifications, in-app messages and content cards.

Can Braze help with personalized messaging? 

Yes, Braze offers a range of personalization features, such as dynamic content, A/B testing, and segmentation, which can help businesses send personalized messages to their customers.

What is liquid?

Liquid is an open-source template language developed by Shopify and written in Ruby. At Braze, Liquid is used to template data from a user’s profile into messages. For example, you can retrieve a custom attribute from a user profile that is an integer data type and round that value to the nearest whole number.

What is a custom event in Braze?

A custom event is something specific that you want to track that your users do on your website or app. You may want to follow up if they use a specific feature on your app. Then you can configure a custom event so that you get a notification in real time every time one of your users does exactly that.

Does Braze offer analytics and reporting capabilities? 

Yes, Braze offers analytics and reporting features, such as campaign performance metrics, audience insights, and more. Reporting can be scheduled directly to your inbox.

What integrations does Braze support?

Braze integrates with a range of tools and platforms, such as CRMs, data warehouses, analytics tools and facebook custom audiences. This enables you to push audience data across platforms to optimize communication in all channels.

How does Braze handle automation and workflows?

Braze offers automation and workflow features, such as triggered messaging, journey orchestration, and multivariate campaigns, which can help businesses automate their customer engagement strategies.

Does Braze offer customer support and training?

Yes, Braze offers a range of customer support options, including training resources, documentation, and access to a dedicated customer success team. This, in addition to an eight week onboarding phase with the Braze team and a digital specialist from Nimble.

What is the strength of Braze as a platform?

Braze makes it easier to work with omnichannel, because in addition to the classic channel e-mail, they have a very good app integration so that you can also create and send push, content cards and in-app from the same tool. It makes it easier to keep communication together and ensure that you communicate in the channel that your users prefer and are most active in. In addition, make sure not to over communicate by global frequency settings.

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