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3 factors that connect SEO and Marketing Automation

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If you have worked with inbound marketing before, you have probably noticed that both SEO and marketing automation share some common features. In today’s digital world, marketing is all about reaching the right audience, creating personalized content pathways and boosting engagement. The connection between your SEO and Marketing automation strategy will help you find that sweet spot. Here are the 3 main factors that bring them together.

1. Both SEO and Marketing Automation are centered around the promotion of marketing content

SEO and marketing automation are tools, the real driver is the content that they promote. Both seek to optimize the route of discovery and conversion – in essence control which type of content is shown depending on specific stages in the customer journey. If you for example work in the real estate business, there is a variety of content that will be relevant for your target audience, from guides on how to prepare an apartment for showing to content about the benefits of your business in particular. SEO and marketing automation seeks to get this content to the relevant audience.

2. Both SEO and Marketing Automation create personalized pathways

One size does not fit all, and the use of SEO and marketing automation gives brands the opportunity to answer questions that are specific to a certain target audience or lead stage. To follow the previous example, the readiness to convert is very different between a search for “Realtor in my area” and “Selling an apartment”. One is a clear signal for action, and the other is a signal for wanting more information. By using SEO and marketing automation together, you can create flows that target these audiences with the information they need, without coming off as intrusive.

3. Both SEO and Marketing Automation operate in the background

The main goal with inbound marketing is to drive leads organically, minimizing the time spent on manual tasks. Realtors for example benefit greatly from having warm leads served to them by form submissions, rather than having to spend time cold-calling. The process of lead collection instead happens automatically, through relevant content with high ranking in search engines and nurturing workflows that pushes leads through the sales funnel – without the need of continuous interaction.

Together, they form the two key elements of an optimal inbound marketing strategy. When done right, you will be able to see great business results in the form of improved brand credibility, increased engagement and maximized ROI.

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