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3 common mistakes we see companies do when it comes to creatives in Paid Marketing

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As digital consultants, we see hundreds of different creatives across multiple platforms each day, some good some bad. But we understand – it is hard to keep up with trends, seasons and formats. Below we have listed some of the most common mistakes we see when it comes to creatives.

1. Using the same creative in each step of the funnel

Imagine being introduced to the same person 10 times over – pretty tiresome – so take advantage of the different touch points you have with your customer to convert them down the funnel. Prospecting customers have a different need of information than your retargeting ones, and should therefore be communicated to differently.

2. Using the same creative on different platforms

Of course all your channels should be coherent, but the perfect video you use on Instagram is not going to work on TikTok where both the algorithm and the people scream for raw, organic content. So keep in mind which platform you are creating for, which formats to use and adapt accordingly.

3. Using the same creative over and over again

If it’s not broken why fix it? Well what if you could get something better! Start small and take what you already know and compare it to what you would like to find out about your audience – maybe they respond better to videos than images? We have seen cases where sales doubled just by shortening the copy in image – because we all know Facebook recommends less than 20% of copy in image, right?

Nimble Creative

If these mistakes sound all too familiar – Nimble Creative offering can help you understand what is driving engagement and conversion on a channel-by-channel basis. With ongoing optimization and performance learnings we tweak our concepts to maximize results. Want to know more about our Creative offering at Nimble? Contact us here!

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