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Core Focus Areas

Based on the initial audit and analysis of visibility, content and technical infrastructure we provide a recommendation of weighted focus. This includes taking into account core business goals and measurements that are particularly important within your specific industry.


Identify content gaps, modify existing content, produce content based on customer journey to increase top of page ranking

Technical Infrastructure

Highlight actions to improve website health and domain rating. Together with your dev team implement changes.


On page optimization to increase visibility on search engines based on current best practices. In addition, link building both internally and externally.

Search Generative Experience

Leverage generative-AI for efficient task automation and defend your organic position by staying on top of AI trends. We hold your hand navigating in the fast moving landscape and uncertain times.

  • Streamline meta element production at scale.
  • Fine-tune content to align with evolving search behaviors such as prompts.
  • Boost CLS and mobile responsiveness for superior user experiences which algorithms promote.

Share of voice

Measures how prominently your brand appears in search results relative to competitors. By analysing keyword rankings and search volume, it provides a clear picture of your digital market presence.

  • Identification of high-impact content topics and market opportunities
  • Build strategies for sustainable organic visibility with on-page optimization
  • Outshine competitors by dominating key search conversations

Attention driving content

It’s clear that qualitative content is one of the most impactful factors when it comes to search engine optimization. Just like data, qualitative content permeates everything we do. We do not only help you create content that ranks well, we make sure it supports your customer dialogues and brand building.

  • Enhance E-E-A-T framework to foster user trust.
  • Data-driven insights to determine topics that resonate with your audience.
  • Production of useful content to drive attention and desired action.
  • Balance search term enrichment while crafting stories that sell.

Digital PR

We do not believe in buying external links. However, we believe in the power of creativity to earn links and build trust in a holistic and sustainable way.

  • Strengthen backlink profile with creative campaign strategies targeting thought leaders within your industry
  • Boost brand visibility and credibility across authoritative online platforms

Organic Social

Approximately 40% of 18-24 year olds use social networks as their primary site for search. Studies also show that Gen Z’s favorite search engine is TikTok. SEO extends far beyond just Google and Bing. Therefore we work across distribution channels. 

  • TikTok SEO, YouTube SEO, Pinterest SEO, Meta SEO and App Store optimization.
  • Leverage SEO data to tap into current social trends and discussions.
  • Increase domain authority by identifying linking opportunities from social media.

Seamless Website Migration

Launching a new website should be an exciting experience. Yet, the potential loss of hard-earned traffic and domain ratings can easily kill the vibe. We got you covered.

  • Risk mitigation of potential loss of traffic or rankings.
  • Sounding board to achieve an efficient website architecture.
  • Seamless content transfer without diluting link juice.
  • Track post-migration metrics to quickly address any discrepancies.
  • Ensuring a transparent and collaborative process.

SEO Cases

Discover how we transform businesses with SEO

Steaming Growth During a Cold Spring
Steaming Growth During a Cold Spring
Data Fueling Growth for Stureplansgruppen
Data Fueling Growth for Sweden’s largest entertainment group.
Mini Rodini
Sustainable Growth through Data-Driven Excellence
Sustainable Growth through Data-Driven Excellence

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Plans & Pricing