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We hold extensive experience with Performance Marketing projects across platforms and industries. Nimble creates the best tailor made media mix that suits your business.

Paid Search

With expert keyword research, ad copy optimization, and continuous refinement, we ensure your paid search efforts drive quality traffic, increase conversions, and yield a strong return on investment.

Paid Social

With precise audience segmentation, creative ad content, and ongoing performance analysis, we help you achieve your marketing goals by driving brand awareness, engagement, and conversions through social platforms.


Elevate your presence in the Apple App Store with our ASO and ASA strategies. Our expert optimization techniques ensure enhanced visibility, increased downloads, improved rankings, and ultimately, greater revenue for your business.

Hourglass Model

We apply tailor made hourglass model strategies depending on your needs, business and Martech. This way, we target relevant audiences and capture your customers in the right place and time. Both pre-purchase and post-purchase.

Infinite flow of data

How we maintain our holistic approach is a continuous focus on audience loops and data sharing across platforms. We’ve developed strategies and methods tailored to different industries and companies to ensure seamless data flow between platforms, CRM, and CDPs.

Depending on the data, we activate it in various platforms and segments based on the audience’s journey and needs. For example, for brand activations we launch on platforms like Meta and Demand Gen campaigns to drive traffic at a low CPM and CPC cost. Later in the process, we shift to retargeting and converting activations in paid search. At last we nurture, up-sell, and cross-sell through email campaigns. The data we collect from the CRM and emails is then looped back into Meta and Google, creating a continuous flow of new data in and structured, segmented data out. It’s an infinite flow of data exchange across all platforms.

Mitigating Performance Plateau

Depending on your business model, different platforms such as Google ads or Meta can contribute to brand awareness and conversions depending on how you activate the data and what content you use. Companies often reach out to us and say: “We’re using conversion campaigns on our platforms. They work great in the beginning, but after a while the conversions suddenly stop or stay at the same level”. Quickly, we discover that they’re in a performance plateau. 

At Nimble, we utilize a strategy inspired by Dr. Grace Kite and Tom Roach to prevent performance plateaus. Our method focuses on continuously generating more traffic, data, and acquisitions, thereby avoiding reliance on the same audiences and data repeatedly. This approach leads to sustained growth in conversions rather than cannibalizing on the same audiences and data over and over again.

Segmentation and Personalization

Our performance marketing solution focuses on segmentation and personalization, allowing businesses to precisely target their audience segments. This strategic approach empowers companies to deliver personalized experiences that drive meaningful results and maximize their ROI.

AI campaigns and Optimization

We offer AI-powered campaigns and optimization tools that harness the latest in artificial intelligence technology. These tools enable businesses to automate and streamline their marketing efforts, identifying high-performing strategies and allocating resources more efficiently.

Along with this, we also offer Nimble AI to facilitate further scaling without the need to increase resources.

Social Maturity Framework

We always conduct a systematic evaluation of a brand’s current social media strategies, content quality, engagement metrics, and audience demographics. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, we provides actionable insights to optimize social media campaigns, leading to increased brand visibility, engagement, and ROI.

Performance Marketing Strategy

Our Performance Marketing Strategy service is a tailored approach to boost your digital advertising efforts. We work closely with clients to define clear objectives, select the most suitable advertising channels, and develop data-driven campaigns that maximize ROI. By continuously optimizing strategies based on performance metrics, we ensure your marketing efforts are efficient, effective, and aligned with your business goals.

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Plans & Pricing