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  • Seamless integration in the ecosystem with various third-party tools and services
  • ARR(r) (Acquistion, Re-engagement, Retargeting, Retention) funnel setup
  • Workflows between organic and paid performance
  • AI (predictive and intelligence suite) with automated optimization
  • Advanced targeting capabilities by leveraging 1st party data
  • Nimble are Meta Agency Partners which unlocks features as early Beta’s

LinkedIn Ads

  • Advanced targeting capabilities suited for especially B2B
  • Acquire leads by using whitepapers, guides or events
  • Seamless integrations with 3rd party platforms e.g Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive
  • Thought leadership and brand building for your business
  • Break silos between marketing and sales with campaign activations

Pinterest Ads

  • Inspirational platform that works great for brand awareness campaigns
  • Engaging ad formats with different pin formats, articles and guides
  • SEO-optimized ads and organic pins
  • Nimble is a Pinterest partner which allows for pre-access to new features and Betas

TikTok Ads

  • ARR funnel with agile methods for better results
  • Creative recommendations since it differs from other platforms
  • Audience insights and trends in a fast-paced digital landscape
  • Target audiences based on 1st party data
  • Incorporate organic insights with paid efforts

Snapchat Ads

  • ARR funnel suitable for Snapchat and your business
  • Immersive ad formats such as video ads, story ads, commercial ads, lenses and AR experiences
  • Advanced targeting capabilities based on AI and 1st party data
  • Automated bidding strategy
  • Become a part of everyday conversions on Snapchat

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Plans & Pricing