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Leverera anpassade annonsupplevelser i stor skala med Google annonsering. För att effektivisera din betalda annonsering skapar vi på Nimble en effektiv strategi för att driva in nya kunder och vårda befintliga baserat på ditt företags mål och KPI:er.

Google Ads

  • Hagakure – tailor made structure in accounts
  • Diverse ad formats such as Display, Programmatic, YouTube & Search
  • Performance Max strategy
  • Integration with both Google’s Ecosystem and 3rd party tools and services
  • Nimble are Google Partners which unlocks features such as early Beta’s

Bing Ads

  • Cross-platform reach such as in MSN, Outlook and Microsoft Edge
  • Utilize LinkedIn audiences in audience targeting for a lower cost
  • Native ad formats which allows for targeted messages to your audiences

Apple Search Ads

  • Scale your apps volume by having visibility in App Store through ads
  • Relevant keyword analysis based on search trends and intent on App Store
  • Drive app installations through custom made funnels
  • Work in synergy with ASO (App Store Optimisation) to achieve higher organic presence

We're making waves and capturing attention.

Plans & Pricing