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MarTech Evaluation

Selecting the right marketing technology can be daunting, but the real challenge? The risks of getting it wrong. As a CMO, you’re acutely aware of the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. With a thousand options available, the decision can be overwhelming to say the least.

Why do you need an independent perspective during this phase?

  1. Avoid Costly Mistakes – A wrong choice can lead to significant financial setbacks. It’s not just the purchase cost, but the hidden expenses of missed opportunities, inefficiencies, and long-term lock-ins.
  2. Prevent Overlaps – Many organizations already juggle multiple tools. An external eye can pinpoint overlaps, saving both time and money.
  3. Ensure Your Team’s Proficiency – Investing in the latest tech sounds appealing, but if your team lacks the expertise or capacity to handle it, it might just become an expensive paperweight.


Implementation of MarTech

Once the right system is procured, the next vital step is effective implementation. Our team prides itself on championing this phase. We ensure that your chosen solution is not only correctly configured but also tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you get the maximum ROI from your investment.

Example of tasks we support your with during the implementation phase:
  • Data Planning
  • Custom Events
  • Data import from DWH
  • Platform configuration
  • Email configuration
  • Set up of dynamic templates
  • Configure feeds
  • Native iOS integration
  • Android integration
  • Web integration
  • Audience Synchronization
  • Configure content cards
  • Reporting
  • Connection to and visualization of Bi
  • Universal links
  • Data QA


System Adoption

But our role doesn’t end with the system going live. We’re firm believers in empowerment through knowledge. Proper system adoption is pivotal for success, and we place a strong emphasis on training. We ensure your team is fully equipped to leverage the platform’s potential. Tailored to varying proficiency levels, we make certain that everyone, from novice to expert, can navigate and optimize the tool effectively.

In summary, in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, the right direction, and support are paramount. As an independent partner, we’re here to ensure your decisions bolster, not hinder, your organization. Together, we ensure you don’t just select the right tool but that it becomes an integrated, invaluable asset in your marketing strategy.

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