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When evaluating if a Marketing Automation investment will yield return and when choosing among the thousands of softwares available, defining use cases is a central part of the process. As it helps us a) identify new opportunities b) estimate turnover from activations c) identify what investment is needed to turn the vision into reality.


Defining use cases is of high importance. So what is a use case?


Use Case


  1. A specific situation or scenario in which a product or service could be used to address a particular problem or achieve a desired outcome.
  2. In software engineering and systems design, a description detailing the interactions between a user (or ‘actor’) and a system to achieve a specific goal, often illustrated as a sequence of steps.


Example of a use case

To better understand the benefits of the new software, the team outlined several use cases demonstrating its potential applications in real-world scenarios.


“Provide me with a template on use cases please”.


There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to marketing automation strategy and use cases. However, some challenges are more or less industry specific. Therefore, we have gathered necessary focus areas and use cases based on industries we love working with.

App and Subscription Services

With a classic freemium business model use cases for an app or subscription services are centralized around the phases of acquisition, retention and win-back.


Acquisition Use Cases

  • Onboarding and activation of freemium users
  • Convert freemium users into paying subscribers
  • Onboarding and activation of paying subscribers
  • Onboarding and activation of reactivated paying subscribers


Retention Use Cases

  • Upsell and increase CLV with personalized content
  • Cross-sell and increase CLV with personalized content
  • Increase brand preference by seasonal activities
  • Increase platform usage by pushing functionality
  • Weekly, monthly or yearly wrap-ups gathering usage statistics
  • Trigger nudging communication based on inactivity
  • Trigger positive reinforcement based on activity
  • Referral marketing with clear incentive for all parties


Win-back Use Cases

  • Trigger on predictive metrics (likelihood to churn)
  • Prolong subscription one more month with a discount
  • Reactivate prior to termination
  • Churn survey and feedback loop
  • Reactivation promotions with personalized content
  • Reactivation promotions with seasonal content


For an E-commerce Marketing Automation support building the brand as well as providing relevant order information, product recommendations and care guide information.


Prospecting Acquisition Use Cases

  • Synchronization of lookalike audiences
  • Lead generation campaigns on webb and paid ads
  • Welcome series for newsletter subscribers
  • Recover abandoned carts and website browsing


Transactional Use Cases

  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Return confirmation
  • Refund confirmation
  • Back in stock confirmation
  • Feedback on order


Nurture Use Cases

  • Newsletters with dynamic content based on website browsing
  • Upsell with product recommendations
  • Cross-sell among product categories
  • Ask for preferences to capture zero-party data
  • Segmentation based on RFM model
  • Style guides, care guides and other brand building activities
  • Customer loyalty strategy and member club
  • Post-purchase follow-up
  • Reminders when it’s likely time for a reorder
  • Birthday or anniversary specials


Use cases for b2b highly depend on what the business model and product offering looks like. However commonly divided into the different stages an individual passes from being a lead to a customer.


Lead Use Cases

  • Lead generation campaigns on webb and paid ads
  • Synchronization of lookalike audiences based on you most valuable customers
  • Automate relevant content (blogs, infographics, e-books) to new leads to establish authority
  • Monitor website interactions to identify interests and tailor subsequent communications
  • Lead scoring based on behaviors or engagement to prioritize leads
  • Smart segmentation by categorizing leads based on industry, company size, role, or interests to tailor communications (Account Based Marketing)


MQL Use Cases

  • Promote webinars or events relevant to the MQL’s segment or interests
  • Deliver more in-depth content showcasing your solutions in action.
  • Use paid ads to bring back MQLs who may not have progressed in the funnel


SQL Use Cases

  • Alert the sales team when an MQL reaches the SQL stage for timely outreach
  • Send tailored proposals or solutions based on the SQL’s specific pain points
  • Ensure a seamless flow of information between marketing and sales
  • Automate the process of setting up meetings or demos with sales representatives


Deal Use Cases

  • Generate tailored proposals or contract drafts based on the specific deal parameters
  • Schedule reminders for the sales team to follow up on pending deals
  • Provide content that showcases your advantages over competitors
  • Feedback loops to refine proposals or solutions


Customer Use Cases

  • Onboarding and activation of new customers
  • Upsell and cross-sell additional services or products
  • Periodically gauge customer satisfaction and get feedback
  • Referral, encourage satisfied customers to refer your product to others
  • Notify customers about new features, products, or company news
  • Automate reminders about upcoming contract renewals or subscription expirations

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