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Driving CRO The Nimble Way

Conversion-Centric Frameworks:

Our core focus is on creating data-driven frameworks designed to maximize conversion rates, ensuring your organization is primed for success.

Personalized Conversion Strategies

Through data enhancement and personalization, we tailor strategies to boost your conversion rates by delivering personalized experiences that resonate with your audience.

Data-Driven Optimization

We excel in implementing KPI frameworks, business intelligence, and product recommendation engines, all aimed at optimizing your conversion rates and enhancing your overall online performance.


For us CRO is more than website funnel optimization, we optimize anything possible from organic search, paid social to in-app notifications.

  • Frameworks to create data-driven organizations
  • Data enhancement and personalization
  • Product recommendation engines
  • KPI framework and business intelligence
  • Implementation of data-driven hypothesis testing
  • Treatment and control groups
  • System procurement with bespoke capabilities
  • Tracking implementation and tag management

Establishing a fast-failing culture

Encouraging an experimental approach drives us to try new things and with that be in the forefront of digital excellence. At Nimble we educate and empower our partners to dare to make brave decisions.

Establishing this type of culture requires a clear process, reliable measurement and analytical capabilities and will result in minimized risk and increased conversion rate. Simply because you are not trying to get it all right from the beginning nor to build it all at once.

Setting Priorities

Running tests can take a lot of time, especially if you’re focusing on the wrong ones. At Nimble, we prioritize tests that directly impact our business with revenue as our main KPI. Some tests might not show clear significance because they’re based on a too small sample size.

Therefore, we rather focus on a few hypotheses where we see real potential to gather useful insights, rather than just trying out every idea we have. It’s easy to get excited about running tests, but it’s equally crucial to review and document our learnings. Otherwise, that test was just a wasted effort.

We don’t fail. We learn. Contact us Today.

Plans & Pricing
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