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The Benefits of ABM

Increase Accquisition

  • 91% of marketers using ABM indicate larger deal sizes
  • 30% of marketers reported >100% engagement increase with C-level target

*SiriusDecisions, Marketo, ReachForce

Improve marketing spend efficiency

  • 97% of marketers that use ABM achieved higher ROI compared to other marketing initiatives.

*Alterra Group

Strengthen relationships

  • 85% of marketers that use ABM say ABM helped them retain and expand existing client relationships


Enable internal alignment

  • B2B companies with tightly aligned sales and marketing grew revenue 24% faster and increased profits 27% faster.


Our ABM Approaches

At Nimble, we work strategically with three ABM Approaches: You can choose one or a mix of all three depending on your goals.

1:Many Programmatic ABM

100–1,000 accounts

  • Data-driven account-level targeting 
  • Insights based on generic buyer personas
  • Message personalization at scale
  • Marketing to generate high-quality leads

Content Personalization

  • Focus on highly targeted digital communications

Investment per account

  • Extensive research and planning

1:Few ABM Lite

10-100 accounts

  • Sectors and segments with strong potential
  • Combine executive profiles and buyer personas
  • Marketing drives progress with input from sales experts

Content Personalization

  • Tailored messaging and targeted communications

Investment per account

  • Extensive research and planning

1:1 Strategic ABM

1-10 accounts

  • Potential strategic gains and big sales wins 
  • Targets key executives and specific stakeholders 
  • Highly collaborative sales and marketing approach

Content Personalization

  • Unique messaging and bespoke communications

Investment per account

IP-targeted advertising and web content

Nimble's ABM Strategy

We use an adaptable approach that adheres to a consistent sequence of stages, irrespective of the specific ABM type you choose, always unique to your business objectives:

  • Account Selection: Identifying target accounts that align with your business objectives and growth potential
  • Research and Insights: Gather insights about your selected accounts.
  • Buyer Persona Development: Crafting buyer personas to tailor your messaging and campaigns effectively.

Elevating Results

We make sure to elevate your ABM results by;

  • Focus on customer outcomes, not products
  • Shift the nature of customer relationships
  • Gain buy-in for longer-term ABM program
  • Change the way strategic marketing is done
  • Execute ABM initiatives more quickly and easily
  • Improve reporting on marketing contribution
  • Create a more formalized ABM process
  • Identify the right customers and messages
  • Generate insights and intelligence from data

Improve sales performance

  • Sharpen the lead generation focus
  • Create and convert more quality leads
  • Focus on strategic selling and demand generation
  • Generate bigger sales pipeline opportunities
  • Build the brand and leverage credentials
  • Provide a more targeted and personalized approach
  • Leverage technology to reach key target audiences
  • Align the sales and marketing teams
  • Support ambitious growth plans

Connect with customers better

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Reduce the length of the average sales cycle
  • Focus marketing activity on new client acquisition
  • Deliver messages that resonate with its audience
  • Work with existing clients to ensure compliance
  • Develop a more proactive and consultative approach
  • Strengthen its thought-leadership position
  • Ensure the brand is known throughout the sector
  • Maintain and improve lead conversion rates

Research and insights

We leverage intent data models for the solutions your accounts are shopping for.

  • When a large account begins a buying motion, purchase interest surges among buying committees within the account.
  • Buyers create a groundswell of activity by researching and consuming content online about solutions and products across thousands of publishers.
  • Intent data providers aggregate this activity through their partnerships with publishers and make it available to us as in the form of intent data.
  • Custom models are built to structure and rank the intent data.
  • Marketing & Sales can leverage insights to drive conversations and campaigns.


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