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Microsoft Ads

Plans & Pricing

Should we include Bing ads in our media mix?

Use Cases

  • Generic Search Ads 
  • Dynamic Search Ads 
  • Interest-based Audience Ads
  • Remarketing Audience Ads

Distribution channels

  • Bingm AOL and Yahoo operated sites
  • Syndicated search partner sites
  • LinkedIn audiences – Companies, Job functions, Industries* 
  • Interests Audiences 
  • In-market audiences 
  • Custom Segment Audiences 
  • Broad Match Search Queries 
  • Dynamic Search Queries

Strengths of using Microsoft Ads

Full funnel Coverage

Full funnel coverage with keyword targeting and audiences. Possible to target highly relevant audiences by bid using linkedin profile information (US).


Easy import and management

Import already established campaigns and extensions from the existing Google Ads set-up. Use Keyword optimization for Microsoft Ads targeting.

Price Effective Solution

Optimize ads to an 36% lower CPC than in Google Ads. 

Leveraging Microsoft Ads the Nimble way

Plans & Pricing
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