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Leverera anpassade annonsupplevelser i stor skala med Google annonsering. För att effektivisera din betalda annonsering skapar vi på Nimble en effektiv strategi för att driva in nya kunder och vårda befintliga baserat på ditt företags mål och KPI:er.

Incorporating Google Ads into your media mix

Use Cases

  • Prospecting – Reach a broad audience and raise awareness
  • Consideration – Reach the audiences that have an interest in your products and services
  • Conversions – Generate high quality conversions.

Distribution Channels

  • Search Network:  Display text ads and shopping ads on Google search results pages when users search for specific keywords.
  • Display Network: Show visual and text ads on a wide range of websites, apps, and platforms that are part of Google’s Display Network.
  • Video Network: Advertise through video ads on YouTube and on partner websites and apps outside of YouTube targeting users based on interests, demographics, and viewing behavior.
  • Gmail: Deliver targeted ads within users’ Gmail inbox tabs.
  • Discovery: Display visually appealing ads in the Discover feed on mobile devices.
  • Google Play: Promote mobile apps directly in Google Play, driving installations and engagement.

Campaign Types

  • Search Campaign: Show text ads in search engine results when users search for specific keywords.
  • Performance Max Campaign: Access all of the Google Ads inventory from a single campaign, targeting your audience where they are.
  • Display Campaign: Display visual and text ads across websites, apps, and platforms within the Google Display Network.
  • Video Campaign: Advertise through video ads on YouTube and across the Display Network.
  • Standard Shopping CampaignsPromote products by showcasing images, prices, and descriptions on Google Shopping and partner sites.
  • App Campaign: Promote mobile apps across Google’s network, including Search, YouTube, Play Store, and more.
  • Local Campaigns: Drive store visits and sales by promoting local business locations across various Google platforms.
  • Demand Gen Campaign: Promote products and services across Google properties like YouTube, Gmail and Discover.

Strengths of using Google Ads

Audience Reach & Targeting

Get the opportunity to showcase ads across the entire spectrum of Google’s inventory, encompassing the Search Network, Display Network, Shopping Feed, YouTube, Gmail, and affiliated websites. This enables you to connect with a vast user base numbering in the billions.

Immediate Visibility

With Google Ads, ads can appear at the top of search results almost instantly after launching a campaign. This rapid visibility allows us to capture the attention of your potential customers right when they’re actively searching for products or services similar to what you offer.

Diverse Ad Formats

Google Ads offers a variety of ad formats beyond just text ads, including image ads, video ads, responsive ads, and more. This diversity enables us to showcase your products or services in creative ways that resonate with different audiences, enhancing engagement and impact.

Leveraging Google Ads the Nimble way

We conduct an initial study analyzing how Google Ads can fit in your media mix based on the audit of current accounts and campaign structure that are aligned with your primary business goal. Additionally, our digital specialists aid in the day-to-day campaign management.

The services we provide include:

Account Audit and Research:

  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of the existing Google Ads account.
  • Research industry trends, competitors, and target audience behavior.
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks.

Goal Setting and Strategy Development:

  • Define clear campaign objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Develop a tailored Google Ads strategy aligned with business goals.
  • Allocate budgets effectively across campaigns.

Keyword Research and Analysis:

  • Perform extensive keyword research to identify high-value keywords.
  • Analyze search volume, competition, and keyword intent.
  • Create keyword lists for ad groups and campaigns.

Ad Campaign Creation and Optimization:

  • Create compelling ad copy for different ad groups and campaigns.
  • Implement ad extensions to improve ad visibility.
  • Set up A/B tests for ad variants and optimize based on performance.

Landing Page Optimization:

  • Evaluate landing pages for relevance to ad campaigns.
  • Suggest and implement improvements for better user experience.
  • Ensure clear call-to-action (CTA) and conversion optimization.

Bid Management:

  • Monitor and adjust bidding strategies to maximize ROI.
  • Implement automated bidding strategies where appropriate.
  • Set bid adjustments for various targeting options.

Audience Targeting and Segmentation:

  • Define and refine target audience segments.
  • Utilize audience insights and behavior for precise targeting.
  • Implement remarketing and custom audience strategies.

Monitoring and Analytics:

  • Continuously monitor campaign performance.
  • Track KPIs, conversion rates, and click-through rates (CTR).
  • Use Google Analytics and other tools for in-depth analysis.

Reporting and Client Communication:

  • Generate regular performance reports with insights.
  • Schedule client meetings to discuss progress and strategy adjustments.
  • Address client questions and concerns promptly.

Budget Management and ROI Tracking:

  • Manage budgets effectively across campaigns.
  • Track ROI and adjust spending based on performance.
  • Implement cost-saving measures when necessary.

Compliance and Ad Quality:

  • Ensure compliance with Google Ads policies.
  • Maintain ad quality and relevance to improve Quality Score.
  • Review ad disapprovals and make necessary adjustments.

Scaling and Growth Strategies:

  • Identify opportunities for scaling successful campaigns.
  • Explore new advertising channels or platforms as needed.
  • Plan for seasonal promotions and special events.

Competitive Analysis:

  • Monitor competitors’ ad strategies and adjust accordingly.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in the competitive landscape.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and changes.

Adaptation to Algorithm Updates:

  • Stay informed about Google Ads algorithm changes.
  • Adjust strategies and tactics to align with algorithm updates.
  • Minimize the impact of disruptions on campaign performance.

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