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Should you include Meta in your media mix?

Use cases

  • Gain brand awareness
  • Lower CPC & CPM cost
  • Full funnel strategy 
  • Availability to access BETA’s

Distribution channels

  • Virtual Reality Marketplaces
  • Social Media Platforms with multiple placements
  • Integrations with multiple 3rd party tools

Strengths of using Meta

Lower cost to raise brand awareness

Supports the organic and paid search with traffic

Usage of AI-audiences combined with 1st party data

You’re using Meta but it’s not delivering results?

We’ve heard this many times. Depending on your business model, Meta can contribute to brand awareness and conversions depending on how you activate the data and what content you use. Companies often reach out to us and say: “We’re using conversion campaigns on Meta, they work great in the beginning, but after a while the conversions suddenly stops or stays at the same levels”. Quickly, we discover that they’re in a performance plateau. 

At Nimble, we use the model as Dr Grace Kite & Tom Roach have for preventing a performance plateau to occur. The following method allows for more traffic, data and acquisition to happen in order to gain more conversions, rather than cannibalising on the same audiences and data over and over again.


Leveraging Meta the Nimble way

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