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Plans & Pricing

Should we include Google Ads in our media Mix?

Use Cases

  • Prospecting – Reach a broad audience and raise awareness
  • Consideration – Reach the audiences that have an interest in your products and services
  • Conversions – Generate high quality conversions.

Distribution Channels

  • Search Ads – Reach prospecting leads or consumers who are actively searching for what your business offer in the different search engines
  • Display Ads – Prospect new or existing consumers on different websites and mobile apps
  • Shopping Ads – For eCommerce businesses aiming to reach consumers in the Google Shopping feed in the SERP
  • Remarketing Ads – Target ads to consumers that have previously converted or visited your website

Strengths of using Google Ads

Performance Max

Run ads across multiple placements on Google using dynamic ad formats and as a complement to the keyword-based Search Campaigns to help find more converting customers.

Search Management

Maximize business outcomes by structuring your search campaigns in order to take advantage of the machine’s ability to gather more data per campaign and better apply its machine learning algorithms.

Targeting Capabilities

Take your audience segmentations into account when creating the full funnel strategy. This way, we make sure that we deliver a customized ad experiences.

Leveraging Google Ads the Nimble way

Plans & Pricing
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