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The Benefits

Enhanced Data Accessibility

By streamlining data pipelines and offering platform-independent integrations, we empower your teams to access and use data effortlessly, resulting in quicker decision-making and improved productivity. 

Data-driven Insights

Enable optimization based on company best rather than platform best with an dynamic P&L overview and automated reports. Keeps everyone up to speed with company progress of most important and tactical KPIs. Eliminate the guesswork.

Efficiency and Collaboration

Data warehousing offers a structured approach to managing, storing, and analyzing vast amounts of data. Once data is in the warehouse, it’s much faster to query. With data from various departments centralized, it becomes easier for different teams to collaborate. Efficient, secure, and collaborative.


Use Cases

Allocate budget to the market mix that drives company value rather than platform based metrics

  • Analyze which marketing channels (social media, search engines, email) are driving the most sales and highest ROI.
  • Allocate budget more effectively to channels with the best performance.

Enhance product recommendations

  • Enrich ads, emails and on site content with dynamic recommendations
  • Using purchase histories, offer personalized product recommendations to online customers, which can increase average order value and customer satisfaction.

Product and category investment analysis

  • Monitor the performance of newly launched products.
  • Get insights into acceptance in the market, allowing for early modifications if necessary.
  • Identify regions or areas where your products are popular and focus marketing efforts there.
  • Explore potential new markets or areas that are underrepresented in sales.

Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

  • Understand the buying patterns of wholesale clients.
  • Offer bulk deals, promotions, or discounts to boost wholesale sales.
  • Identify products frequently bought together to create bundled offers.
  • Predict products a customer might be interested in based on their past purchases.

Customer feedback loops and sentiment analysis

  • Combine reviews and feedback from multiple sources to understand customer sentiment towards specific candies or the overall brand.
  • Innovate or adapt products based on feedback.
  • Identify high-value customers and develop strategies to retain them.

Dynamic P&L overview with automated snapshots

  • Automated email delivery to all in your organisation.
  • Snapshot of prior day, week or month.
  • Include most important and tactical KPIs.

Streamlined Data Pipelines

Our streamlined data pipelines simplify the process of collecting, transforming, and storing data. We ensure that your data flows efficiently from source to destination, reducing bottlenecks and enabling faster access to crucial information.

Data Storage

Robust storage options tailored to your specific needs. We offer scalable and secure storage solutions that ensure your data is always available, reliable, and protected.

Centralized Storage

Store data from various sources in a single location. This enable a 360 view of your customers. Reduce information asymmetry and improve customer experience. Enrich your data sets and provide valuable context for decision-making and targeting.

Transformation Workflow with dbt

We leverage the power of dbt, a transformation workflow tool, to produce datasets within the warehouse. This facilitates reporting, operational workflows, and machine learning modeling, empowering you to extract actionable insights from your data efficiently.

Git-enabled Version Control with Github

Our integration with Github, a cloud-based version control system, ensures the safety and traceability of your code and data transformations. You can easily revert to previous versions of code and collaborate with team members to enhance data-driven projects.

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Plans & Pricing
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