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Activate your customer data

We aren’t just about pixels. We immerse ourselves in the vast landscape of your business, factoring in competitive pressures, heritage, and brand positioning. For our partners, such as Mini Rodini, this meticulous strategy culminated in a growth blueprint that wasn’t just about tweaking but reimagining the brand’s future digital footprint.

Centralize your data, optimize it, and leverage it for actionable insights. With our expertise in a Data Warehouse like Snowflake, we bring all your data under one roof, offering you that coveted 360° customer view. Better audiences, better communication.

Audience Orchestration

With deep expertise in Commerce platforms such as Centra, Shopify, and WooCommerce, we seamlessly integrate with your MarTech. Smooth transitions of feeds and product catalogs segmented by country, category or business value. This to enable better product fit to your custom audiences.

Using a full-funnel strategy we vouch for the RFM model (recency, frequency, and monetary value) to base your segments. But data alone isn’t our game. We pair it with creativity, employing the marketing persuasion framework and rigorous A/B testing.

Organic performance and visibility

Your commerce platform needs visibility across regions, and we deliver. Whether it’s the US, UK, EU, Asia, or the Nordics. We couple traditional SEO with offerings like digital PR and organic social SEO. Content isn’t just king; it’s the whole empire. We champion organic social strategies that do more than just push products. It’s about channeling meaningful engagements on platforms that resonate with your audience.

Measurement and Key Performance Indicators

Metrics like cost of sales, return on ad spend, average order value, and purchases aren’t just numbers for us; they’re narratives. Using tools like CAPI and Google Analytics 4, we ensure that every penny spent is a penny earned. In the early phase of our partnerships we establish key performance indications and predictive outcomes to identify the optimal budget recommendation. We make sure that the optimal attribution model for your brand is configured and set goals accordingly.

We’re more than a digital agency, we’re your partner. With an unwavering focus on engage, data, and advisory, we’re committed to take your brand to new heights.

Let's raise a toast to your brand's inevitable triumph.

Plans & Pricing
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