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Trends in Marketing Automation - Nimble’s perspective on what’s to come

The growing importance of Marketing Automation cannot be argued against. As it continues to evolve at a rapid pace we see it as a necessity to align with the exciting trends to stay on top.

At Nimble we see the power of Marketing Automation and why it is essential to the modern marketing landscape. To its core, Marketing Automation refers to the automation of manual tasks, which translates to the needs of a fast paced adaptation to new marketing trends. It is widely used for email marketing, social media posting, lead nurturing and much more. We see that the key benefits besides efficient marketing is the ability to save time and resources for strategic planning and development.

The growing importance of Marketing Automation cannot be argued against. As it continues to evolve at a rapid pace we see it as a necessity to align with the exciting trends to stay on top.

Marketing Automation today – what to implement before anything else.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The field of Marketing Automation has been revolutionized by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), letting businesses take their goals to new heights by creating smart algorithms and leveraging data analysis. With the right use of these technologies as tools the marketer can upscale personalized experiences, predict behavior, automate content creation and optimize campaigns thereafter. If used efficiently, benefits from this can include increased engagement, higher conversion rates and real-time adaptation to changes.

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A subject we hold dear is relationships, and we see how this reflects on how customers react to marketing. Adding personalization to marketing campaigns helps erase the de-humanized aspect from mass sendouts and add value to customers. Aside from just addressing them by their name, personalization in marketing automation allows the user to build tailored content and connect with the customer on a deeper level, based on their individual preferences, behavior and demographics.

Automated Customer Journeys

Marketing Automation offers effective ways of streamlining the customer journey process, all from building initial awareness to customer retention. In order for this to be done effectively and bring a seamless experience to the customer it is important for the marketer to analyze what touchpoints and milestones are key to the customer journey. By determining these they can later be set as triggers to continuously move the customer through automated flows and continuously nurturing them to the brand.

Integrating Marketing Channels

A tactic we strongly recommend is using multiple channels to increase a brand’s visibility in the modern media landscape. We see that it is best practice to adapt all content after each channel, but maintain a holistic approach to stay true to the brand. By integrating different channels with marketing automation the marketer can create a synchronized marketing strategy and strengthen the message. The real impact of this type of channel management is collecting leads to further nurture and creating a unified customer experience.

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The future of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is constantly changing and developing. As we see an increase in businesses adapting to automation of tasks the bar is always rising, and we need to be open to new strategies to stand out from the noise. To our best knowledge, AI will be a powerful source in future trends in Marketing Automation.

Content creation has already started changing with the help of AI. As this moves more into creating visuals it is not unlikely that MA platforms will have to compete with either partnerships or owned tools to create visual images for every sendout with suggested canvases based on the business graphic profile.

An increased want for personalisation and disability access opens up for many potential strategies that companies can use to further their communication with customers. Faster content creation could mean that all future email marketing can contain videos and audios, helping not only the message to stand out and peak interest but can more easily be adapted to an omnichannel approach. Perhaps we may see in the coming years newsletters being read by an artificial voice of the CEO which they have previously recorded one time to later on be used for marketing purposes.

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