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The Future of Customer Engagement: Highlights from Inbound 2023 Conference

There sure has been some groundbreaking developments in the world of customer engagement and CRM. As with many other things, AI is making its way into the scene, and Hubspot is certainly prepared for it.

The Inbound 2023 Conference hosted by HubSpot recently concluded, and I am sure buzzing with excitement. There sure has been some groundbreaking developments in the world of customer engagement and CRM. As with many other things, AI is making its way into the scene, and Hubspot is certainly prepared for it. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the most significant takeaways from the conference, highlighting the game-changing features and tools presented during the event.

Common Questions About Hubspot

HubSpot’s Evolution as a Customer Platform

One of the most striking announcements from Inbound 2023 was HubSpot’s transformation into a complete customer platform. In addition to its renowned CRM and various hubs, HubSpot will now expand its marketplace featuring 1500 partners.

What does this mean? Hubspot will be more customizable than ever! This expansion empowers businesses to customize their interactions with customers and build tailored solutions. The emphasis on customization and personalized experiences is a welcome shift that aligns with the growth goals of businesses.

The Revamped Sales Hub

HubSpot unveiled an upgraded Sales Hub with a renewed focus on simplicity and productivity. The redesigned Sales Hub offers a more intuitive interface, providing sales teams with a better overview and improved prioritization tools. This revamp aims to help sales professionals focus on what they do best—selling.

Prospecting Tool

HubSpot has introduced a new prospecting tool designed for BDRs, SDRs, and sales teams. This tool streamlines scheduling, sequencing, and task management, providing a comprehensive view of leads and their various stages. Users can easily update lead stages, create deals for qualified leads, and schedule upcoming activities.

The tool also integrates a calendar feature for scheduling meetings directly within HubSpot. This innovative functionality addresses the challenges of modern sales processes, which involve multiple stakeholders. It allows for customization and provides clear overviews, making it easier for sales teams to collaborate with specialists and customer success teams. The prospecting tool enhances efficiency and offers customization options for a frictionless experience.

HubSpot AI

This is by far one of the biggest announcements from Hubspot in a long-long time. The introduction of HubSpot AI promises to revolutionise how marketing, sales, and customer service teams operate efficiently. With a multitude of use cases, HubSpot AI is set to enhance various aspects of business operations. It can assist in creating website content, landing pages, blog posts, emails, and even automate responses in customer conversations. Furthermore, it enables the automatic creation of multi-channel campaigns with precise targeting and tracking capabilities.

AI Forecasting for Sales: HubSpot AI also boasts an AI-driven forecasting feature that can predict revenue based on historical data. This feature eliminates human error from forecasting and provides a more accurate picture of future sales, potentially changing the way businesses strategize.

Other Features

Customizable CRM Records

Businesses can now customize CRM records to suit their specific requirements. This feature allows users to modify sections, change the order of information, and tailor CRM records to meet the unique needs of different teams within an organization.

Tech Stack Consolidation

Simplified Workflow: As a response to the trend of tech stack consolidation, HubSpot is making it easier for businesses to consolidate their tools and customize them based on their industry. The enhanced visibility of deal tags and improved task management directly from CRM views contributes to a more streamlined workflow.

Adopting Hubspot AI in Practice

The adoption of AI in HubSpot requires a strategic approach. Businesses are advised to implement one tool at a time, identify digital-savvy ambassadors, provide support to those in need, and establish organizational ground rules to ensure a smooth transition. As with all things AI, we will not be able to implement everything at once. The important thing is to make sure that AI can be implemented to help your business and make work more efficient.


The Inbound 2023 Conference by HubSpot showcased a revolution in AI-driven customer engagement. HubSpot’s transformation into a comprehensive customer platform, revamped Sales Hub, and the introduction of HubSpot AI promise to reshape the way businesses interact with their customers and prospects. By adopting these innovations strategically, companies can harness the power of AI to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and provide highly personalised customer experiences. The future of customer engagement looks brighter and more exciting than ever before.

Want to know more about Hubspot’s recent announcements, contact us and we can help you go through them!

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