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Tackle the "Digital Ecosystem" for 2023 together with Nimble

One of the things that have been a challenge for most is how to solve the “Digital Ecosystem” for 2023 and forward.

Hello, world. Or, more like it – Scandinavia and Europe for now.

Nimble Digital is your boutique digital expert partner. We focus on the Digital Ecosystem in order to shape businesses. We split this into Growth, Data and Excellence.

And, the boutique part is truly on-point for us. Rather than just growing and growing in terms of employees (which used to be a metric for success back in the old days) or pure turnover in terms of money – we turn down partnerships and projects if we believe they won’t be long-term or strong enough.

We are too passionate about what we do, so it should be shared together in our partnerships, rather than just looking at the actual numbers or billables. Most do not do this. We do, however. And this won’t change.

It’s the 15th of August 2022 and many people are returning to their jobs, companies and different engagements.

One of the things that have been a challenge for most is how to solve the “Digital Ecosystem” for 2023 and forward. It’s simply put, overwhelming.

Not only do we have to be a lot more advanced in how we approach data collection and tracking, but there’s a much deeper emphasis on brand awareness and digital creative.

More on that soon.

Now, to the most important part:


At Nimble we focus a lot on who we are. We want to be the kindest people you’ll ever meet and potentially work with. That’s not the same as being great at talking, selling or pitching.

It’s a matter of us focusing strongly on our core values and beliefs. Also, we put a lot of emphasis on integrity. We interview for integrity, we hire for integrity and above all – high amount of Emotional Quotient (EQ).

With this in place, we’ll together solve your business challenges and help shape your business. Yep – there’s Intelligent Quotient (IQ) in place as well, but we always ensure it’s a strong combination of EQ and IQ, not only one part.

And with the boutique approach we have space (= time) to focus on our partnerships, as we also do not engage in an infinite number of them. Instead our partnerships are finite and usually not more than a few per person, at the most. And, as we’re a boutique partner – everyone at Nimble works together to support each other.

This is our basic foundation and formula for success together. It’s both scalable globally for some of the world’s largest companies and it also works super well for start-ups and scale-ups. It’s a matter of the fit.

We enjoy working with over 30 different countries together in our partnerships and we continuously find new ways to improve efficiency, communication and in the end overall understanding of the business value we want to create and shape, not to mention how we follow-up on Key Performance Indicators.

Ok, enough of the most important part that is Nimble. I also mentioned GrowthData and Excellence – such as, how many companies now need a lot of help within Google Analytics 4 (right now, they say!), Customer Data Platforms, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, not to mention different types of Cloud solutions (we need to better utilitize our data and start to truly scale our marketing and growth efforts, they say, but also excellence and operational data).

That’s just scratching the surface, but it’s some of the parts you’re definitely faced with right now. Other areas are what Customer Relationship Management platform do we want and more importantly need, together with Marketing Automation.

And… What’s the Performance Marketing mix that would work for our 8 focus countries and if we are to expand into an additional 9 countries, how do we best approach the growth strategy there? And then visualise this and work with Business Intelligence.

Finally (but not least, obviously?!) brand awareness combined with Digital Creative – oh so important. The need for a Digital Creative Optimisation strategy and process has never been more important than now.

Here’s more about this, from yours truly, and how we can work together in a partnership if we’re a good match:

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