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Search Engine Optimization Simplified: Focus on Design, Content and Links

In search engine optimization, the most important ranking factors are usually design, content and links. Let’s review some key concepts.

Did you know that more than 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new brand or product through web search on their phone?

Whether you knew it or not, you know how important digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are to your website’s success. Today it may seem impossible to be seen without paying large sums for ads on social media or google, but there is a way forward for those who want to be seen organically. Through search engine optimization, your customers can find you without having to spend money on expensive advertising.

But what are the most important factors in search engine optimization that you need to get right in order for visitors to find your website? While the answer depends in part on who you ask and the type of business you run, the most important ranking factors are usually design, content and links. Let’s go over some key concepts so you can optimize your website to rank better.

Search Generative Experience effects on Search Engine Optimization

User Friendly Design

Web design and user experience is about more than just how your website looks. It also has to do with how yourwebsite performs, how easy it is to navigate and how fast it loads.
Design is important because it’s the first thing new visitors experience when they find you. Before you discover how good your content or products are, they need to at least tolerate the look and functionality of your website. If your website loads so slowly that people abandon the page before seeing the content, or if it is not optimized for mobile devices and easy navigation, you will lose visitors. Not only that, but your notoriety with search engines will drop significantly.

High quality content with prioritized keywords

Assuming new visitors can navigate your website without issue, the next experience they have with your brand is the content you publish. This includes your home page and any blog posts you publish.

In addition to being a determining factor in whether people will stay on your site, Google takes high-wuality content very seriously. Because website content has a lot to do with keywords and other ranking factors, SEO specialists often prioritize content production and analysis of relevant keywords when optimizing web pages.

How do we write for people and not for SEO?

One of the best ways to plan for a content strategy for your website is to try to look at the internet from Google’s perspective. Google’s job is to help its users find the information and answers they need. If Google fails to offer relevant, high-quality content, its users will spend less time searching, or perhaps even switch to another search engine. Therefore, Google only promotes websites with high-quality content that can be matched with searches.


Many digital marketing experts consider backlinks to be the second most important part of search engine optimization after high-quality content. This is because the quality and reputation of the websites linking to you reflects the thoroughness and professionalism of your own website. Having backlinks from poorly designed, rogue websites is like hanging out with the wordy group in class: you may see yourself as capable in many ways, but people will judge you based on the group you hang out with.

In addition to backlinks, which link to your website from other sites, outbound links that go from your website to someone else’s are also important. While opinions vary on what the most important ranking factors are, these three are the ones that SEO specialists usually focus on the most.

In conclusion, making sure that your website is visible and well positioned on google is crucial to an elaborate SEO strategy. By focusing on three critical components – user friendly design, high quality content with well-chosen keywords, and the establishment of reliable backlinks – you can increase your chances of ranking higher and attracting a wider audience.

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