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In focus: What is it like working as an Associate according to Jessicka?

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Meet Jessicka Roos

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden but just recently relocated to Stockholm after pursuing her bachelor’s in Strategic Communication at Lund University. Before her studies, she lived in New York and Boston where she worked as an au pair and studied at the same time. After graduating and moving to Stockholm, she worked as a producer in house and worked with the loyalty program for 30+ markets. She soon discovered that she wanted to go back to the agency side.

“I’ve always loved to travel, explore new cultures and meet new people. This is why I enjoy working at Nimble due to the different markets and clients we work with everyday.”

What does a normal day look like at Nimble? 

Cheesily enough, no day is like another. It’s a mix of client meetings, optimisation of all marketing on different platforms and development of creatives. I look at it from a full circle perspective. When something works in the advertising, I take it with me when creating new content and report it further to the clients. This way, we are always agile and transparent in everything we do.

What makes you proud of working at Nimble?

I am mostly proud of the team environment, which also reflects on everything we do and are. It could be anything from monthly team activities to everyone eating lunch together around the table in our kitchen. We always strive to be and do better, both to each other and to our clients. At the end of the day, we are all proud to say that we try to make our clients marketing the best it can be.

What can you expect when starting as an Associate at Nimble?

For us, it’s all about the person. So no matter where you’re starting from or what background you have, you’re going to have a fast learning curve together with the top marketers from each area we touch upon. You can also expect to work with a lot of different platforms, clients and markets which requires an ability to always wanting to learn more and develop. And of course, expect to have a lot of fun together!

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