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Founders letter: Remainder of 2023 and what's to come 2024

Nimble as a company was founded March 2020 as we utterly missed a truly boutique approach to partnerships within Growth and Data.


It’s quite fitting to write this text when back in Stockholm and the rain is pouring down from the clouds. Our office at Sveavägen has a front-view of how the sky is opening up, all the umbrellas being used and cars whooshing by. It’s Swedish summer summarized, well except for the beautiful sunsets and nice vibes. Also a bit of a reminder that we’re slowly returning to fall and eventually winter with all that darkness to follow. 

Nimble as a company was founded March 2020 as we utterly missed a truly boutique approach to partnerships within Growth and Data. Where we later also added on our offering Excellence. Having three distinct areas that combined creates “The Nimble Way” we’ve had a blast doing this for over 3.5 years together with our clients, or as we prefer to call them, partners.

You see, by having a transparent approach and higher engagement in our partnerships and internally, it also becomes a lot of fun, deeper relationships and the results for our partners’ businesses are excellent as well. For what’s life without strong relationships with other human beings? Think about that for a second, or why not a whole minute? Life. Is. About. Meaningful. Deep. Relationships. Yeah, in business as well. 100%

So what do we mean by transparent? Nimble shows all prices straight up on our web. We price everything the same, so regardless if you have a lot of cash and a huge company or you’re something else, the price is the same. I am going to point fingers here- fact of the matter is that most agencies price based on size and “how much a company seems to think is OK to pay” – this is crazy and something Nimble wants to change.

Nimble works in high complexity projects and partnerships, just as we’re accustomed to grow from smaller engagements to larger projects. We’re a Nimble (funny, funny) partner through all stages of a business growth, transformation and any other nice buzzword I can write here. This is something many companies out there finds hard to believe, especially when we started out and were only a very few people. Crazy to us, but at the same time, super interesting in my eyes and a challenge to solve!

Enter the challenge: I’ve worked tirelessly to prove that even with a smaller team, you can achieve crazy things and results. This is how Nimble continues to operate and we are very picky and careful how we recruit and grow, as we’re a boutique partner. This does not mean we won’t take on the most challenging and complex projects, we will and we prevail in doing so. We’re also not afraid to throw in the towel if something simply isn’t possible to do and it will affect our reputation with providing high quality and true results.

Some partnerships we have, we’ve replaced 2-5 different agencies and we have a very min-maxed team that delivers even better results now than before. It’s possible and it’s one of my missions to continue proving this. I quite enjoy talking about this and showing it in action. And yes, we do offer world-class level within Growth, Data and Excellence. It’s exactly how it sounds like. And now with 3.5 years to prove it, I’m more than happy and relaxed to write this.

Main reason we can do this: Our higher engagement, care and level of passion, grit and of course interest in being skilled.



Now it’s soon “that time after Swedish summer” and agencies are being crazy about getting into RFP (Request for Proposals) and different pitch processes – fun! I’ve only contacted two different people at two different companies, that’s it. As I see a super concrete potential to do something long-term and valuable together.

I’m looking for these genuine partnerships where we do something much more than just driving some performance marketing or marketing automation. We want it all together– holistically, long-term, deepened relationships where we have a lot of fun at the same time.

Yeah, we see more and more companies looking for help in Marketing Automation, CRM now than ever before. And within different digital marketing strategy and advisory projects. Performance Marketing is a bit declining, but it’s still there. Data is as strong as ever and we keep getting more requests than ever before. While SEO is somewhere in the middle. And I can talk about how Nimble will grow internationally and a lot of other fluffy things, but that’s for another time.


But this is just how it’s like now and in the end it’s all about the following, according to no other than myself:

Relationships, people, passion, compassion and empathy.

With these parts together – any partnership will be extremely strong and there will be a commitment and grit that is above and beyond.

Write to me at if you’re interested in dropping by Nimble’s offices for a coffee or something delicious from our fridge.

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