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Boosting Customer Loyalty with Marketing Automation

It is widely known that retargeting existing customers is multiple times as cost efficient as new ones, but these existing relationships give both parties a sense of stability. Let’s discuss how you can boost customer loyalty with marketing automation.

At Nimble we value the upkeep of our relationships above all. Nurturing customers is essential to any business, no matter the product or service they provide. Not only is it widely known that retargeting existing customers is multiple times as cost efficient as new ones, but these existing relationships give both parties a sense of stability.

Loyal customers may turn into advocates, spreading good word-of-mouth, showing patience during challenging times, and trying out new offerings. Therefore, if you ask any Nimbler they would say that it’s pretty much a no-brainer that businesses should strive to keep their customers loyal.


The Power of Marketing Automation

A marketer should consider Marketing Automation as an ally in their work. This tool allows the marketer to streamline the entire customer journey while simultaneously providing a personal touch, something we know to be essential to stand out from the competition. By efficiently automating workflows based on knowledge of the customer journey, with its various pathways and steps, the marketer can save the business both time and resources. When working with this we find it best practice to nurture contacts after they first opt in, to strategically learn more about the customers interests and divide these into segments where the communication is adapted for them specifically. By doing this we provide each customer segment with tailor-made recommendations, special offers, and nurturing messages.

Let’s not forget the magic of on-site triggers. These can prompt the business to send reminders about abandoned shopping carts or congratulate customers on successful purchases. The key is to reach the right person, at the right time, with just the right message. By further adding personalization the customers get a tailored experience that makes them feel both seen and valued.


Using Marketing Automation as a customer loyalty tool

At its very core, customer loyalty relies on the understanding of the customers needs and preferences. By using Marketing Automation tools the marketer should collect valuable data and insights into the customers behavior, pain points and preferences. From these insights it is recommended to build personalized experiences to start building trust with the customer.

Insights should never be seen as complete, but will continue to grow the longer the relationship stands. An effective way to start gathering information is by AB-testing and measuring the performance of your communication, these can involve everything from tone of voice to sending time. The marketer should focus on continuously adapting after these to further enhance the precision to nurture future and existing leads. Use this to build effective strategies to nurture, communicate offers and general information to the customer. By helping customers in their decision-making process, you’re building authenticity and genuine trust in your brand.

Remember, balancing timing and relevance plays a big role to avoid over-communication where you risk damaging the customer or them opting out. If they’re indicating interest in making a purchase, that’s the perfect time to give them enough information to be convinced. This can be done by setting up triggered emails and follow-ups that connect with the customer when they’re at their most receptive.

A good practice is to set up a customer loyalty program, which gives the customer a clear view of their mutual benefits of staying loyal. Each program is unique, but a good way to get started is to set up an awards program or scoring system. Besides all else, these loyal customers can provide feedback on your business, giving you their unique insights. Customers love being heard – and we love hearing from them!

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