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App Attribution: Measuring Success in a Privacy-Centric World

App attribution, the process of tracking the source of app installations, has undergone significant changes, particularly with the introduction of SKAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4).

App attribution, the process of tracking the source of app installations, has undergone significant changes, particularly with the introduction of SKAdNetwork 4.0 (SKAN 4). As a consulting agency specializing in app attribution, we’re here to shed light on these innovations and explain how they can help you measure the success of your ad campaigns while respecting user privacy.

The Challenge: Platform SDKs and Duplicated Attributions

Before diving into the world of SKAN 4, it’s important to understand the challenges of traditional app attribution methods. Many app marketers rely on platform-specific SDKs, which often focus solely on their respective platforms and ignore activities on others. This can lead to duplicated attributions and inaccurate results.

New version, SKAdNetwork 4.0

The Solution: Adjust Postback

To eliminate the duplication of attributions, we turn to Adjust Postback. Adjust, a leading attribution platform, attributes installations based on the last ad click or ad view within the attribution lookback window. If no clicks are observed, the install is attributed to the last ad view, ensuring accurate attribution even in the absence of a direct click.
Non SRNs and Advertising ID Matching

Correctly setting up app attribution involves matching the advertising ID from the device triggering the install event with records in Adjust’s database. This process ensures that the attribution is precise and reliable.

Introducing SKAdNetwork

SKAdNetwork is Apple’s answer to privacy concerns in the mobile advertising ecosystem. It offers aggregated, anonymized data, with the level of information shared depending on the data received by Apple. This is where we, as consultants, step in.

Customized Attribution with SKAN 4

SKAN 4 introduces exciting opportunities for channels to customize and optimize their attribution methods. Advertisers can structure their own hierarchy, including campaign ID, location, placement, time, and ad display specifics, enabling more granular attribution.
The main advantage of SKAN 4 is its ability to measure campaign success while maintaining user privacy. Postbacks, sent to ad networks, can contain values from both the ad network and the advertised app, provided they meet Apple’s privacy threshold.

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A Game-Changer: SKAN 4 Updates

SKAN 4 brings substantial updates to improve marketing performance:

Multiple Postbacks: Advertised apps can now receive up to three postbacks for the winning ad attribution, allowing tracking of multiple conversions happening further into the app.

Coarse Conversion Values: Advertisers can include both fine- and coarse-grained values in their conversion updates, even with low data volume.

Hierarchical Source Identifiers: Ad networks can provide detailed information about the source of an ad impression, enhancing campaign flexibility and variable testing.

Attributed Ads on the Web: SKAdNetwork for Web Ads now supports attributed ads on Safari web pages, expanding the reach of SKAN.

Lockable Window: LockWindow reduces the waiting time for postbacks, enabling faster insights for key events in the user journey.

New Privacy Threshold Tiers: SKAN 4.0 extends the privacy threshold, providing more data and fewer Null postbacks for better campaign optimization.

Conclusion: SKAN 4 – The Future of App Attribution

In a rapidly evolving mobile marketing landscape, SKAN 4 represents a significant leap forward. It empowers advertisers to measure campaign success accurately while respecting user privacy. As a consulting agency, we’re committed to helping you harness the potential of SKAN 4 and stay at the forefront of app attribution. Embrace these innovations, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving unprecedented success in your mobile app marketing endeavors. Contact us for more information.

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