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Shifting Focus From Growth to Profitability

The foundation of EFUEL is built upon the belief that the energy industry is going through a major shift.

Data Fueling Growth for Stureplansgruppen

Sweden’s largest entertainment group.

Mini Rodini
Sustainable Growth through Data-Driven Excellence

How Nimble supported Mini Rodini’s digital presence and growth through performance marketing, organic search and data.

Take their word for it

“We got in touch with Nimble during the dramatic pandemic spring of 2020, and together we developed a completely new online strategy during that stressful period. The new way of working was immediately successful. John, Sebastian, and the rest of the team at Nimble have played a significant role in the amazing journey Lexington has made online from 2020 and onwards.”

Tommy Lindhe

Co-Founder, The Lexington Company

“Nimble really stands out in its way of working. They keep such an integrated approach combined with stellar expertise and commitment not to mention how transparent and innovative they are.”

Linda Nordlund

CMO, Stureplansgruppen

“The company name Nimble truly permeates our collaboration, from the start, on the journey, and throughout the ongoing work. We are constantly being challenged and have a good sparring partner as we develop our digital presence.”

Rasmus Bender

CEO & Founder, EFUEL

“Nimble’s ability to be there for us when we need it, combined with their deep understanding of the Mini Rodini brand, makes them an invaluable partner.”

Jonas Angelöv

Head of E-Com & Digital, Mini Rodini


We champion tailored expertise and collaborative innovation. Focusing on Engage, Data, and Advisory, we customize our services to resonate with your brand's unique narrative. Embark on a path where strategic alliances spark creativity, driving achievement and revealing the true potential of your brand.


Hand-picked clients

We believe that true success comes from hand-picked, symbiotic relationships where both parties grow and flourish. We are proud to work with a select few clients who share our passion for boutique brilliance and the power of carefully crafted solutions. Together, we create something truly remarkable.



In the midst of a global crisis, we founded Nimble with a mission to bring positivity and growth to our clients’ brands and businesses. And it is with great pride that we have been trusted to play a vital role in their success.



We believe in forging genuine connections through radical transparency. Just as our plans and pricing are readily accessible, our commitment to integrity shines in every aspect of our work. Together, let’s redefine success with unwavering honesty and open collaboration.

Charting the Future: Our Commitment to Your Success

NimbleCraft Maturity Framework

Our Engage, Data and Advisory Maturity Framework is a critical tool to realize the full potential of marketing strategies across a company’s business.


At this early stage, businesses adopt data-driven strategies to enhance engagement. The focus is on integrating data analysis with strategic advisory, laying a foundation for advanced data communication and customer engagement. This phase sets the groundwork for a seamless blend of Engage, Data, and Advisory in the business’s growth journey.


In the Arising stage, businesses start to integrate data insights more deeply into their operations. There is an increased focus on enhancing customer engagement through data-driven strategies. Advisory plays a more pronounced role, helping to refine tactics and align them with business objectives. The use of data becomes more sophisticated, aiding in the development of targeted engagement and more efficient business processes.


By the Interconnected stage, businesses have a well-established synergy between data, engage, and advisory. Data-driven insights are fully integrated into decision-making processes, ensuring that customer engagement strategies are both informed and impactful. The advisory component is crucial here, guiding businesses to leverage interconnected systems and strategies for comprehensive digital integration.


In the Vanguard stage, businesses are at the forefront of digital maturity. They exhibit a mastery of combining data, engage, and advisory to drive innovative strategies. At this level, businesses not only respond to current digital trends but also anticipate future changes. They set industry standards and lead in customer engagement, data utilization, and strategic advisory, demonstrating a full realization of digital potential.

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Discover the Essence of NimbleCraft: Transformative Business Engagement.

At the heart of NimbleCraft is a profound focus on Engage, seamlessly integrated with Data and Advisory. This approach revolutionizes how your business connects with customers, driving meaningful and impactful interactions.

Leveraging the depth of data insights and strategic advisory, we amplify your brand’s presence and narrative in the market. NimbleCraft is about crafting compelling experiences and strategies, designed to elevate your organization’s engagement with its audience.

NimbleCraft, where innovative engagement, insightful data, and expert advisory converge to redefine the boundaries of your business potential.

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